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Glassterior lineup
Glassterior Cube Series
Glassterior in CUBE style.
Feel eased by seeing your fish swim from all sides.
Glassterior Cube 200 Assort
Item name Glassterior Cube 200 Assort
Product size 20x20x20cm
Item wt 2730g
Glassterior Cube 300 Assort
Item name Glassterior Cube 300 Assort
Product size 30x30x30cm
Item wt 6880g
Glassterior Series
Beautiful addition to your interior!
Glassterior 250
Item name Glassterior 250
Product size 25X17X21cm
Capacity 7.5ℓ
Glassterior 300
Item name Glassterior 300
Product size 30X20X25cm
Capacity 13ℓ

Glassterior 450 鱼缸

Item name Glassterior 450
Product size 45X20X22cm
Capacity 17ℓ
Glassterior Slim 600
Item name Glassterior Slim 600
Product size 60X20X25cm
Capacity 26ℓ
Glassterior 600
Item name Glassterior 600
Product size 60X30X40cm
Capacity 65ℓ
Glassterior 900
Item name Glassterior 900
Product size 90X40X50.5cm
Capacity 160ℓ
Assorted Tanks
Silent Fit Series
Extremely quiet filter which can be used either under water or above water level. A perfect addition to your interior.
Silent Fit 300
Item name Silent Fit 300
Product size
Item wt 1950g
Silent Fit 500
Item name Silent Fit 500
Product size
Item wt 4500g
Glassterior Silent Series
Framless tank in compact size including our quiet Silent flow filter. Place anywhere in your room and get relaxed.
Glassterior Silent 200 Cube H
Item name Glassterior Silent 200 Cube H
Product size
Item wt 3100g
Glassterior Silent 360 Slim H
Item name Glassterior Silent 360 Slim H
Product size
Item wt 5000g
Easy Aqua White / Black
Unique structure for exchanging water, simply pour water in tank and throw out water over flowing to the back unit.
Easy Aqua White
Easy Aqua Black
Item name Easy Aqua White / Black
Product size
Item wt 550g
Aqua Leaf White / Green
Enjoy both keeping fish and plants together at once in this column shape tank.
Aqua Leaf White
Aqua Leaf Green
Item name Aqua Leaf White / Green
Product size
Item wt 325g
Betta Tower Pink / Lime
Light weight and sturdy plastic tank, comes in popular pink or lime color with matching background screen.
Betta Tower Pink
Betta Tower Lime
Item name Betta Tower Pink / Lime
Product size
Item wt 300g
Killifish Starter Kit Series
Basic Killifish starter kit, includes rokaboy S.
Holds S:6.5L L:11L
Killifish Starter Kit S
Item name Killifish Starter Kit S
Product size
Item wt 1600g
Killifish Starter Kit L
Item name Killifish Starter Kit L
Product size
Item wt 2000g
Goldfish Starter Kit (Kingyo Genki) Series
Start keeping fish right away with this basic kit with all necessary items included.
Holds S:10L M:15L L:20L
Goldfish Starter Kit (Kingyo Genki) S
Item name Goldfish Starter Kit (Kingyo Genki) S
Product size
Item wt 1900g
Goldfish Starter Kit (Kingyo Genki) M
Item name Goldfish Starter Kit (Kingyo Genki) M
Product size
Item wt 2200g
Goldfish Starter Kit (Kingyo Genki) L
Item name Goldfish Starter Kit (Kingyo Genki) L
Product size
Item wt 2600g
Aquarie White / Black
All in one tank including LED and filter unit. Designed with water fall deck, feel eased with the water trickling down.
Aquarie White / Black
Item name Aquarie White / Black
Product size
Item wt 6400g
qb Series
Petit size tank for fish and décor.
In blue or pink color, stack and enjoy !
qb Blue
qb Pink
Item name qb Blue / Pink
Product size
Item wt 285g
qb Wide Blue
qb Wide Pink
Item name qb Wide Blue / Pink
Product size
Item wt 445g
Larger size qb series in cute sky blue or baby pink color !
Decorate the small spaces in your room and enjoy ! Holds 5L
qb Colon Blue
qb Colon Pink
Item name qb Colon Blue / Pink
Product size
Item wt 1740g