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Dog Cart Series

Dog Stroller for Multiple Dog DX
Item name Dog Stroller for Multiple Dog DX
Assembled size
net wt 7kg
Features Roomy carriage with convenient lower basket and back pocket. Cart folds by the handle and stands independently.
Carry type Stroller
Item name Carry type Stroller
Assembled size
net wt 5kg
Features Carriage is detatchable and can be used as a carry bag. Frame folds compactly, convenient to use in crowded places.
Handy Doggy Cart
Item name Handy Doggy Cart
Assembled size
net wt 6kg
Features Stroll up to two doggies, single lever makes folding stroller easy, designed with mesh window.
Doggy Cart Rain Coat
Item name Doggy Cart Rain Coat
Assembled size
net wt 367g
Features Rain coat opens in front, with air holes for ventilation.
Dog Cart Light
Item name Dog Cart Light
Black / Paw Dot
Assembled size
net wt 4.8kg
Features Cart as light as 4.8kg ! Stands by itself when folded. Designed with roomy pocket and basket. Great for long walks.