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GEX Corporation
President & CEO  Gomi Hiroki

Aiming To Be “Life Industry”

Since our establishment in July 1977, we have always continued to take on new challenges focusing on the development of aquarium products. In nowadays, we are expanding our business fields to dogs and cats, small animals, and also reptile products, using knowledge acquired by development of aquarium products.

Within aquarium supplies market, we have the largest share in the domestic market, and we created large market for automatic water fountain for dogs and cats in Japan. Still, we keep challenging to create new market in each business field. By living with pets, we are healed, find peace & happiness and be mentally matured. We will do our best as a manufacturer so that our pet industry can evolve into “Life Industry”, an industry that plays a major role in human life.

To Expand Our Market

Japan’s birthrate and population are declining and these are known facts. Competing by price without much consideration could be one of the causes to shrink our market. In order to expand whole pet industry, it is necessary to increase the number of pet owners and total assets within the industry through the development of valuable products.

In order to increase pet owners, we need to continue telling people how meaningful to have pets and eliminate obstacles that people have using information and products. Also by continue to develop valuable products and have customer to buy products, we can expand the total assets of the industry as a result.

Quality, Cost, Timing

Among all the process of manufacturing, we place the greatest importance on “quality”. We design almost all products in-house and develop high-quality products using strength of having one of the world’s largest pet supplies factory in our group. In addition, in our Quality Control Department, we have specialists with electrical related experiences, and keep keen eye during development process to quality improvement after the release of products.

We acquired ISO certification in 2000 for optimizing various processes within the office as well as for manufacturing. We also acquired ISO9001 certification, the latest standard, in 2018.
Now that you can easily buy imported products from overseas, we think that “quality” is the most important key to compete with those products.

Pets Are Also Our Important Customer

Customers who actually use the products choose products considering about their own pets. In other words, our customers are, of course, owners, but at the same time, be loved pets are our important customers as well.
Can we make pets spend their lived comfortably? How can they live longer? How do we get closer to the owners?
By making the best use of GEX Laboratory, we are being aware of customer needs and think about pets ahead of them at the same time.

We will continue to evolve into the company that can serve customers well with product creation & value creation and achieve market expansion.